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Two Words That Lighten the Load - #6806
Rejoicing is really the habit of looking for God at work and acknowledging it when you see it. Thanking God is sort of like putting sweetener in a bitter drink. Negative thoughts are just going to make the drink that much more bitter. A thankful heart, a joyful heart, a heart that believes that God has said, "I know the plans I have for you. They are for good and not for evil; to give you a future and a hope."


How to Act When the Seasons Change - #6346
You won't stay in any one season. God will keep changing the seasons. In a barrier time, you wait for Him to act supernaturally. In a bitter time, you seek the sweetener. In a bubbling time, you enjoy it.


Poison in Your Soul - #6225
You've been the forgivee - now you become the forgiver. Or you store poison in your soul; poison that will cripple or destroy so much that could have been. It's time for the antidote. It's time to be free. It's time to forgive.


Bitter - a Christian perspective
Bitterness is not a godly trait. This passage encourages us to let go of anger, bitterness, and other negative emotions that just get in the way of our relationship with God and keep us unhappy.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Sweetener - #4025
And that might be exactly what you need to be praying for right now. Actually, “crying out to the Lord for,” as Moses did. That’s not just a casual, trite little prayer. That’s a desperate cry to God for something so hard that only He can do it. Right now, you may be thinking of someone in your personal world who is bitter. There’s resentment, sarcasm, cynicism, anger, maybe unforgiveness. The good news is that God is the world’s leading Heart Surgeon – He can change a heart in ways that no human could ever dream. But you need to be faithfully, fervently praying for God to do whatever it takes to change the heart of that bitter person. Especially if that bitter person is you.