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Something Better Than Leftovers - #6491
There's a tendency to let down on living so we won't have regrets, and won't have anything to fix, or repair, or hide. It's easy to let down at home. That's why we have to be careful to lead a blameless life. When we get home, we let down, we're careless because we think no one's watching. But the biblical priority is put on how you live at home.


Blameless - a Christian perspective
Christians are to be morally blameless--without blemish or taint, without any hint of sin in their lives. Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to be blameless in God's eyes.


Innocence in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God cherishes, protects, and rewards those who keep themselves blameless in His eyes--those who obey and trust in Him.


Whole - a Christian perspective
God is concerned with our whole spirit, soul and body. Paul writes that he wants us stay blameless for when Jesus comes back.


"Blame" in the Bible: Philippians 2:14-16
If we want to live pure lives free from blame we must do everything without complaining or arguing. We must set ourselves apart from the crooked and depraved generation, shining like stars.