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When You're Tired of a Small, Small World - #3345
God's been waiting for you to get tired of your small, small world - so tired that you would fall on your knees before Him and trust Him to make your life so much bigger - bigger than you ever thought it could be.

May the Lord bless you - a Christian perspective
This famous greeting, which calls for God's blessing on the other person, is still used today in many Christian worship services around the world.

Disobey in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Throughout the Bible, God provided blessings to those who obeyed Him and followed His commands; and curses to those who disobeyed Him. God often went far out of His way to try to bring His people back into obedience, so spare them the punishment that their disobedience merited.

Guarding My Morsel, Missing The Meal - #2830
Whole communities are missing God's outpouring because churches and ministries and leaders are not working together. Again, each one is fighting for their program, their budget, their territory - and God simply turns away and says, "If you only knew what could happen in your town if you could ever get together."

What God Gives Bonuses For - #5811
We can't earn our relationship with God. Heaven is based on us trusting completely in the work that Jesus did on the cross. But God's rewards in heaven, but also here on earth, are based on how we live. And He's got His eye on you. He has some wonderful life-bonuses He wants to give you. But He's a holy God. He can only reward holiness.

Major Gifts, Minor Glitches - #5799
You can complain about the manure, or you can be glad you've got an ox. You can gripe about the glitches or you can give thanks for the gifts. You can be negative because there's a mess, or you can be positive because that mess is the result of progress. And, as any highway construction people know, you can't have progress without having a mess.

Small in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The psalmist writes that God will bless the small and large alike. He remembers each one of us: the house of Israel and the house of Aaron and all who fear Him.

Prosperity in the Bible: Psalm 128:1-3
This psalm promises blessings and prosperity to all those who serve the Lord.

Favor in the Bible: Psalm 5:11-12
Expressions of favor from God take the form of blessings and protection from evil. God's favor is not an abstract concept with no impact on our lives; He shows His favor by actively working in our lives to bless us and keep us safe.

Health in the Bible: Proverbs 3:1-35
This passage describes the many benefits of godly wisdom. While some of these benefits are spiritual, many are physical, including health. This is a good reminder that followers of God are called to employ wisdom in all aspects of their life, and can expect that God will provide for them in very practical ways.