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Faucet Fascination - #6449
Step up to a wonderful new security, one that can peacefully accept the loss of any "faucet" in your life. Because it was only a means that God came through.


Give us this day - a Christian perspective
Part of the Lord's prayer is an appeal to God to give us our daily bread. Jesus is teaching us that we should pray to God each day for our daily needs.


Bread and wine - a Christian perspective
At the Last Supper, Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples, presenting them as symbols of the sacrifice he was about to make on the cross.


Communion in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 10:16-17
The Christian practice of communion is a commemoration of Jesus' Last Supper, where he shared bread and wine and used them as vivid illustrations of the sacrifice he was about to make. Today at communion services, Christians around the world drink wine and eat bread to remember Christ's blood and body, sacrificed for us on the cross.


Bread in the Bible: John 6:51-59
Just as the image of water is often used to describe the Holy Spirit and the offer of salvation, Jesus uses the image of bread to suggest the spiritual nourishment we receive when we follow him. Just as bread is needed just to sustain life, so a life separated from Jesus is bound to wither away from spiritual starvation.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Sunrise, Sunset Strategy - #5587
Remember how Jesus said we were to follow him, "Take up your cross daily and follow Me"? He taught us to pray for how much bread - daily bread. It's obvious that the divine strategy for following Him, from the Jews in the wilderness to us believers today, is to take one day at a time. To focus on what God wants to do between this morning's sunrise and tonight's sunset, so to speak.