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Living Between Trapezes - #6791
If you're in between trapezes right now, remember, this is a terrible place to lose your concentration. Bloom where you're planted. Be all you can be right where you are. Actually that's the best way to get safely to the destination that you want so much.

Short story: frequently lost or forgotten keys to evangelism
Most of us have a lost key story. In English, we sometimes use the word ‘key’ quite loosely, for instance ‘keys to improving your garden’. The implication is an optional addition to a reasonably successful effort. But with real keys, it is all or nothing. Without a key, you are powerless, stymied, stuck.

Breakthrough in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When God helped David defeat his enemies, David noted the spot where God had broken through against them. When David and the other kings of Israel trusted God and not their own military might, they were always successful in their campaigns.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Breakthrough Power - #8034
God is wanting to do much bigger things than we’ve been trusting Him for. Like me, maybe, you’re tendency is to over-worry, over-work and under-pray.

Elmer Towns Bookstore
Check here to see what is available from Dr. Elmer Towns, as seen on his web site Dr. Towns has contributed much to the field of religious education, church planting, Sunday school growth, more recently teaching the importance and place of fasting and prayer.