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Today's devotional: finding beauty amidst brokenness
Can beauty come out of brokenness? When you or a loved one is reeling from an illness, injury, or...

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Empty Pockets and Bare Cupboards
Mark this down: God does not save us because of what we’ve done. Only a puny god could be bought with tithes. Only an egotistical god would be impressed with our pain. Only a temperamental god could be satisfied by sacrifices. Only a heartless god would sell salvation to the highest bidders. And only a […]

The Power of Broken - #6797
Maybe God's allowed you to be broken so you could finally be healed; to finally see that you really do need Him, to be forgiven by Him, to have a personal relationship with Him, to actually take personally for yourself what Jesus did on the cross to tear down the wall between you and God.

The Heart God Revives (Bookmark)
Nancy Leigh DeMoss contrasts characteristics of proud, unbroken people who are resistant to the call of God on their lives with the qualities of broken, humble people who have experienced God's revival.

Discussion Guide for Brokenness: The Heart God Revives
This study will point you toward the only pathway to holiness and genuine revival: the pathway of humility and brokenness (Discussion guide from Nancy Leigh DeMoss' book, "Brokenness: The Heart God Revives").

Choosing Brokenness
The single greatest hindrance to experiencing personal revival is our unwillingness to humble ourselves.

Brokenness the Heart God Revives (Study Outline)
A study outline that will help you get all you can out of Nancy Leigh DeMoss' "Brokenness: The Heart God Revives" DVD and conference CD.

Brokenness the Heart God Revives (Sample Chapter with Discussion Questions)
Brokenness may sound like an outdated concept for super-pious saints, but it’s the starting place for experiencing the revival we so desperately need. Download this "core curriculum" of Revive Our Hearts today!

41 Evidences of Pride
These questions will help you determine whether or not you are a proud person.

Finding beauty amidst brokenness
Can beauty come out of brokenness? God has the startling ability to bring out moments of grace and beauty out of even the most wrenching despair.

Brokenness - a Christian perspective
Life without God is described as a state of spiritual brokenness. Without God, we are incomplete and unable to find true spiritual fulfillment. When we accept Christ, he restores our spirits.