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The Splitter-Upper - #6598
If you're a parent, you just can't afford to choose between your children. If you're a son or a daughter, you can't afford to pick one parent to be close to and the other one to kind of freeze out or ignore. In spiritual leadership you can't afford to get close to one person over another. If people work for you, you've got to treat them the same.


Life-Giving Love - #6312
It really matters to God what you do with His Son, after the sacrifice His Son made for you. Don't miss this chance to belong to Him.


Jesus' brother - a Christian perspective
While Jesus had a physical family, he counted his followers as his true family--his brothers and sisters. Today, his invitation to join his family still stands before each of us.


Will of my father - a Christian perspective
What's required of us in order to be considered a part of Christ's family? Merely to do God's will here on earth, just as Christ did.


"Love" "Brother" in the Bible: 2 Peter 1:5-8
In a litany of qualities to aspire to, 2 Peter talks of brotherly kindness and love. The author urges us to not just rest easy once we have faith, but to continue to add to that faith so that we might be effective and productive.


"Brother" in the Bible: Matthew 5:22-24
Our relationships with others are important to God--so much so that this passage instructs us to take care of those relationships before worship. And it's got a correspondingly harsh condemnation of those who verbally abuse others.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Brotherness - #5659
Now that is the heart of real manhood: protecting a woman from being hurt, from being used, from being exploited, from being devalued - especially by you. There is a critical shortage of that kind of manhood. The man who steps up to this kind of brotherness is a rare treasure, and like anything rare, he is very valuable.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Gilligan Zone - #5598
With one short-sighted decision, Esau entered what I call the Gilligan Zone. You decide to do something that will feel good for a while, thinking it will only be a three-hour tour. But you end up in the Gilligan Zone, farther than you ever wanted to go, staying longer than you ever wanted to stay. And for you, that may be no TV plot, it has happened to you. It all starts when we do an Esau. We do something because it will get us through right now, it will meet a need for us, only to hurt from it for years to come.