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How does Buddhism differ from Christianity?
Most Christians have a passing familiarity with the major holidays and notable dates in other...

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Social and religious trends in UK reflect those in the rest of the West
Research in UK by Christian thinktank Theos shows big big changes in religious belief: one in five believes in astrology or horoscopes, one in ten in Tarot or fortune telling and nearly three in ten people believe in reincarnation. These are much higher figures than similar research carried out in 1950 by Gallup. Although not included in the survey, ‘karma’ is also a very common belief here in UK. What this surely demonstrates is that a large percentage of the UK population (and doubtless similar populations elsewhere in the West) are effectively believing most of the tenets of Buddhism though they would be mostly unaware that they are doing so.

How does Buddhism differ from Christianity?
How much do you know about what Buddhists believe? Do you know how the claims of Buddhism compare and contrast with Christianity's?

LWP - From Buddha to Christ: An Interview with Jeab
Jeerakan (Jeab) Duksukgaew, a Thai, discusses what it was like to grow up in a Buddhist family, and how her life has changed since becoming a Christian.

A New Earth, Ancient Deception
Tolle believes that we are at the edge of a spiritual awakening (5). This has been the mantra for the New Age since the 60’s. The belief that the Age of Aquarius is upon us is part of this teaching. As a former astrologer, I am familiar with this idea: Man is constantly spiritually evolving...

Lausanne World Pulse - Peoples of the Buddhist World CD-ROM: A Resource for workers.
The story of the 700 million Buddhist people needs to be told. Christians need to learn about the Buddhist culture in order to effectively pray and minister to them.

Why Christianity - Faith Facts
All of humanity stands on the edge of eternity. We are all going to die. It could happen anytime, even today. For most of humanity, death is a huge and terrifying plummet into the unknown. Examine the 4 major religions to see if they can help you with your predicament.

Lausanne World Pulse - Perfect Strangers: Christians Among Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims
An in-depth look at Christian contact with non-Christians reveals the Church is found lacking in its efforts to reach the world for Christ.

World Religions & Theology - Faith Facts
Christianity differs from all other world religions. For further information on the difference between Christianity and Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, other cults and variant theologies visit the online resource.