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True Woman Blog: Only A Little Strength
It’s not that I’m surprised by my “little strength and ability.” In fact, daily those truths flash like a neon sign in my mind. What’s surprising is that the Lord doesn’t see them as hindrances.


True Woman blog: Scripture Memory "Queen of Bad" No More
For years, I was the "queen of bad" at hiding God's Word in my heart. I had great intentions and periodically even managed to memorize a verse or two. The problem was those verses never seemed to stick in my mind for very long. In the area of Scripture memorization, I felt like a total failure.


True Woman Blog: A Cry for Help from Albania
Enkelejda describes Albanian women as “used and abused.” Kidnapping, human trafficking, pornography, prostitution, and organ trafficking all run rampant. If you have money, you can buy anything . . . or anyone. Ordering a child seems to be almost as normal as purchasing coffee in a coffee shop.


True Woman Blog: Carrie on "Voices": Why is prayer so hard?
If we’re honest, prayer is a struggle at times.


True Woman Blog: Do you believe I am able?
Our daughter’s wedding was in five days. In that short period of time, a simple gymnasium needed to be transformed into an elegant reception hall. A seemingly impossible task; yet this mother-of-the bride was fully confident the “impossible” would become reality. My confidence rested firmly in the transformational abilities of our dear friends. I had no doubt . . . they would turn the common into a thing of incredible beauty.


True Woman Blog: When the walls come crashing in
But then it happened. Like falling dominoes, segment after segment of ten-foot tulling walls suddenly came crashing down. Gasps of horror preceded a deafening silence as we realized that hours of hard work now lay undone at our feet.


True Woman Blog: Loving Toads
The Lord’s been teaching me a lot about dealing with “toads” (difficult people) from the life of Moses--a man who was surrounded by them!


True Woman Blog: The Gospel and Eeyore
While I was never a huge fan of that mopey little grey donkey, Eeyore, I never imagined how the shadow of gloom and doom that characterized his little world would one day permeate my own life.


True Woman Blog: A Most Unusual Gift
One of the most unusual gifts I ever received was an overflowing bowl of cooked-to-perfection chicken feet from my Zambian friends. Gifts certainly come in all shapes and sizes! Philippians 1:29 describes another unusual gift.