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Make your own Christian cartoon videos online
You may have already seen cartoon stories online from Xtranormal, without knowing their source. This website enables you to place your own computer-generated characters into a mini story! It looks cool. Why not try it? It could even be used evangelistically.

Cartoons and comics: using comics or cartooning for Christian evangelism and gospel outreach online
Humor communicates! God invented it. Jesus used it. Most of us enjoy having our spirits lifted by a cartoon. Ron Wheeler, of Cartoonworks comments that disarming cartoon humor means “people are more receptive to hearing the Gospel message.” : Valentine's Day cartoons
Valentine-themed cartoons from Reverend Fun.

CANA Table of Contents
Christian Answers for the New Age is a ministry addressing the dangers of the occult. A variety of articles have been written addressing current issues about the influence of the occult in the culture around us. "Strange Happenings"
Just when Noah thought that things couldn't get weirder... : Cartoon for Aug 3, 2007: