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Do not lie - a Christian perspective
Truth and honesty are critical elements of a godly life. The Bible is clear that we're not to cheat, lie, or deceive others in any way.


Dishonest in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Cheating--represented here by a merchant's dishonest scales--is contrary to the lifestyle of truth that God calls us to live. There is no deceit in God, and there should be none in our everyday lives either.


Defender in the Bible - a Christian perspective
This proverb warns against cheating or taking advantage of the powerless, for God has appointed Himself as the defender of such people.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When Winning Costs Too Much
Just as a missile's internal guidance system decides where it goes, so integrity always sets the course of the man or woman of God. When you decide you'll always take the high road, no matter what, it pre-makes a thousand life decisions. And it means that when you cross your finish line, you'll be able to say those two winning words - "No regrets."