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The Cleanup Imperative - #5894
God is not impressed with your abilities, with your great résumé, with your connections, your education, or your credentials. He doesn't care about your cash. He doesn't care about your charisma. All He cares about is your character! He is looking for clean! Getting rid of the dirt, staying clean, that is how you qualify to be an instrument in the hands of Almighty God.

Stuffed With Junk - #5868
The problem is when "stuff" that should be peripheral becomes central in your life. That's when it's time to reevaluate your priorities. It's time to see your life through God's eyes, and clean out what's not useful - the trivial pursuits.

A Man's Lasting Legacy - #5861
Tragically, too many of us men have fallen for lies about what will give our lives significance. We go after comparatively trivial pursuits: a promotion at work, the next rung on the ladder, an award, a higher income, the acclaim of our organization, our church, or some important person, or just that bigger title. But there is no bigger title than husband or dad.

Too Busy for the Beauty - #5853
So many beautiful things are right in front of you, but you're doing so much, moving so fast that you're missing them. These are moments, memories and opportunities that may never be there again. Don't let them slip through your fingers.

Inflated Obstacles - #5839
The longer you look at the hill, the bigger it gets. But the longer you look at the God you belong to, the bigger He gets. You've been looking at the wrong thing, fixated on the problem, or the challenge, or the people, and missing the awesome size of your God!

The High Cost of Forgetting - #5792
When we stop praising God, we start forgetting God. And when we forget the kind of God we have, we start wandering, we start getting hurt, and we are much more likely to take matters into our own hands, to panic, to get impatient, to get discouraged or to get depressed. But the more you train yourself to be a "praiser," the less mistakes you're going to make - the less regrets you're going to have.

While the Window's Open - #5767
When your child is ready to talk, you had better drop everything and listen then. The window won't be open for long. When your child is ready to be affectionate, you have got nothing more important to do than respond. When your son or daughter has time to be with you, you had better have time to be with them. The same applies to your mate, your parents, others that you love.

The Sandcastle Syndrome - #5762
Jesus is inviting us to focus what we have on something that will last forever - building His church. Even our Christian work could be building our own kingdom...which won't last. You see, that church is not about an actual physical building. It's about reaching the lost people He died for; adding them to His family.

The Oscar Outlook - #5745
When Jesus was born, the announcement was, "He will save His people from their sins." That is all the garbage and junk of our past - the sins that we have done and the sins that have been done to us.

Seeing What Isn't Working - #5730
Could it be that you've allowed yourself to start dwelling most of the time on what's wrong: what's wrong with your situation, what's wrong with your church, what's wrong with the people around you, what's wrong with your family members? Without realizing it, you've actually allowed yourself to become what the world already has more than enough of - a negatologist - a role really that is just totally unfitting for a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.