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Today's Devotional: Satisfied in Christ
Satisfaction can be an elusive thing, especially when we try to find it on our own. Buying a new...

Today's devotional: Want to change the world? Live like Christ
God's law, revealed in the Ten Commandments and throughout the Bible, is often caricatured as a...

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Love wife in the Bible - a Christian perspective
IN Ephesians, Paul writes that a husband should love his wife much in the same way as Christ loves his church. He should be devoted to her and protect her.

Christ in the Bible: Matthew 16:16
Peter professes his belief that Jesus is, in fact, the Christ--the Messiah promised hundreds of years earlier to the Israelites. As the long-awaited Christ, Jesus fulfilled countless prophesies and delivered his people from their spiritual bondage.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Christmas Tree's Dirty Little Secret - #8154
Here’s the secret: the Christmas tree is decorated but it’s dead. Not long after Christmas Day, the lights and decorations will come off and the tree will be trashed. You know, that’s given me something to think about related to the spiritual condition of a whole lot of church folks.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Stuck On the Welcome Mat - #5656
Jesus Christ will only change and improve that which is consciously turned over to Him. He didn't come into your life until you opened the door, right? He won't come into the parts of your life until you open the door.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - What the Pope is Ashamed of - #8044
You know many people have rejected Christ because of the hypocrisy of someone who claimed to be a Christian. It might have been a fallen pastor or televangelist. It could be a Christian leader. Maybe just a Christian friend or family member they knew, and it could be that a Christian hypocrite is the reason that you’ve stayed away from Jesus.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Prince Caspian - Life's Center of Gravity - #8012
For us who love Jesus, that's the cross where the King of Glory offered His life to pay for our sin. And in our journey to have a life that matters, all the battles and all the answers lead back to one place - the place where the price was paid - the cross of Jesus.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Treasure in the Dirt - #5593
But remember what happened in that garden. They found precious treasure in the dirt; in a place you would never expect to find it. That's how it is with really getting close to Jesus. The greatest treasures are often found in the grit and dirt of our pain and our pressure.

Body of Christ
Search the Bible for the phrase "body of Christ".

Becoming a Woman of Freedom: Cynthia Heald
If you feel like your Christian life is weighing you down, this Bible study will give you a second wind and help you identify and lay aside those burdens that make you feel "stuck." RUN THE RACE TO FREEDOM

What is the Gospel? - Faith Facts
Because there is some confusion about what the term Gospel means, let's look closer at its use in the Bible. Is the Gospel the same in the Old Testament as in the New Testament? Why is it important? Look at what the Gospel is NOT. What is the "good news"?