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Christian Songwriters Conference
Join Matt Redman, Tommy Walker, Leeland, Brandon Heath, Charlie Peacock, Brenton Brown, Vicky Beeching, Mia Fieldes of Hillsong United, Ken Reynolds, and many other world-renowned songwriters and instructors for this completely unique, intimate retreat among the majestic California redwoods in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains. Experience fellowship, instruction, and times of deep refreshing worship with artists and songwriters who are shaping the contour of Christian music. Plus, have your songs evaluated by professionals and share your work with fellow attendees.

Leeland: Raising Up a Worship Generation
A best-selling album, a GRAMMY nod and several Dove Award nominations, a new marriage, and the Feb. 26 release of sophomore album, Opposite Way—that’s a lifetime of accomplishments for 19 year-old Leeland Mooring, frontman of the band, Leeland. Read this interview to get to know Leeland and the band

Music Reviews
The latest Christian music reviews

Guide to Bands and Musicians at WayFM
Wwant to know more about the Christian musicians that WayFM plays? Well, here it is. We put together a list of all artists that WaYfm plays, who they're signed with, the latest album they've released, and links to the musicians' homepages for those of you who really want to know more.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
I intend to look at one of the most powerful forces in the lives of teenagers today: the music they listen to. Every generation has grown up listening to and, in some cases, being shaped by the music of the era.

Tree63: Sunday! Has Come
Amy Sondova interviews Tree 63. Passionate about his roots, Ellis explains, “So many South Africans are dying of AIDS. South Africa is such a mess and you wonder if it’s ever going to become okay. No matter how bad it is right now, someday it’s going to be okay.”

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