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The link between church growth and the Bible
What causes a church to grow? And if your church or ministry is considering "planting" a new...

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Video short explains worldwide advance of Great Commission
The acceleration of worldwide church growth and the Great Commission among increasing numbers of unreached people groups has been remarkable, especially in the last century.

Advance news of Internet Evangelism Day 2011 on 15 May
The 2011 Internet Evangelism Day is set for Sunday 15 May. However, we also plan to extend the focus to the entire month of May, which gives churches and other groups wider freedom to present digital opportunities in ways that fit into their programs.

IVP ChurchLink
The IVP ChurchLink is where you can find everything your church needs to connect with InterVarsity Press. Updates on special offers just for churches, discount pricing and more are available. Don't forget to stop by regularly for updates and new offers.

Church Leadership
The Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development. Equipping Pastors, Churches and You! Continuing the Legacy and Influence of Francis Schaeffer with New Research and Findings.

Church growth advice - an outsider friendly church website can contribute to church growth
It is not uncommon for church websites to be very inward focused and therefore unable to communicate effectively with outsiders in the community.

2 Timothy: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
2 Timothy - Paul's last words to his ministry partner continue to encourage and motivate Christians today. Paul urges Timothy to "fan into flame the gift of God that is in you." ENCOURAGING LAST WORDS FROM A BELOVED MENTOR

1 Timothy: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word Steve Halliday
1 Timothy - The challenge of church leadership hasn't changed much since the first century. Find Paul's advice here. Paul wrote to Timothy in Ephesus, encouraging him in his faith, affirming his leadership and abilities.

Lausanne World Pulse - How Do We Grow Our Churches?
Research shows that several factors go hand-in-hand with church growth

Lausanne World Pulse - The Bible and Church Planting/Church Growth
Many theological claims and scripture references could be advanced to describe the relationship between the Bible and church growth. This article approaches it from the practical perspective of a church worker or missionary.

Training your Leaders and Congregation - Into Thy Word Ministries
Training is not just another word for discipleship. Discipleship places the emphases on our spiritual growth, learning the Word and the disciplines and doctrines of the faith, which is paramount for all Christians. Training is the growth and learning in the area of a task that needs to...