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Happy birthday, Thomas Aquinas!
This week's focus at is church history—the often inspiring, sometimes...

Church history’s darkest moment? Looking back at the Crusades
What's the worst thing Christians have ever done? If you said "the Crusades," it's hard to argue...

The story of Saint Valentine
What is a Valentine, exactly? It's not just a mildly witty romantic card you pick up at the...

Calvin's 500th birthday: party like it's 1509!
It's John Calvin's 500th birthday! Well, it isn't exactly his birthday quite yet (that doesn't...

Faces of the abandoned church
Have you ever seen an abandoned church building? At WebUrbanist, there's a fascinating series...

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Early Church Modules | Christian History Institute
Early church study modules from Christian History Institute.

Welcome : Christian History Institute
Welcome page of Christian History Institute and Torchlighters Christian heroes DVD series

The Beginning:
The Beginning! THE BEST PLACE TO START LEARNING ABOUT JESUS IS AT THE BEGINNING. A Bible study that examines the Gospel accounts of Jesus' ancestry, birth, and early public ministry.

Hebrews: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
Hebrews - Who is Jesus in relation to Old Testament Judaism? This study unlocks the doctrinal riches of Hebrews. Faced with hostility, the loss of jobs, and worse, many of them are tempted to hide their faith in Christ and revert back to the Jewish customs.

2 Timothy: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
2 Timothy - Paul's last words to his ministry partner continue to encourage and motivate Christians today. Paul urges Timothy to "fan into flame the gift of God that is in you." ENCOURAGING LAST WORDS FROM A BELOVED MENTOR

Right of Malachi: Norman Hubbard
Right of Malachi Exploring the Great Ideas of the New Testament Filled with Christ’s timeless words and the apostle’s foundational truths, its wisdom continues to be relevant for everyday life.

Left of Matthew: Norman Hubbard
Left of Matthew Exploring the Great Ideas of the Old Testament Rediscover the foundation of your faith. The Old Testament chronicles God’s relentless pursuit of His children and lays the foundation for a new covenant through Christ.

Chasing Francis: Ian Morgan Cron
Chasing Francis A Pilgrim's Tale Francis's story intertwines with the conversations, encounters, and poignant journal entries of a disillusioned New England minister.

History : The Navigators
The history and heroes of the Christian Church. audio sermons - Revivals And Church History
Revivals And Church History Discussing the developement of doctrines, creeds, denominations throughout the ages of the history of the Church. And also the discussion of the history and impact of revivals. Also post and discuss towards the need of revival in our lifes and share quotes, materials that