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Module 112: Patrick of Ireland's "Confessions" | Christian History Institute
Christian History Institute's study module to accompany St Patrick’s autobiographical Confession.

The Ghosts of the Past - #6231
God wants to erase every sin of your past from His book forever. To become your personal Savior from the guilt and the penalty of your sin. To cancel the hell that you deserve for a heaven you could never deserve. All that becomes yours the day you open your heart to Jesus and tell Him that you're turning from your sin and you're going to put all your trust in Him. He's the rescuer.

True Woman: Getting Back Up Again
I sensed the Spirit whisper . . . this is true womanhood, Carrie. Not a life lived perfectly, but a life that when sin is realized repents, gets back up, and keeps walking by faith.

True Woman Blog: Getting Rid of the Garbage
Taking out the trash has never been so complicated ever since the suburban municipality I live in instituted a new garbage collection system last year. I am so grateful that the Lord has such an uncomplicated, effective system for us to get rid of the garbage in our lives!

The Dark Closet - #6148
You've hidden it, but the sin and the price and the guilt continue to grow behind that door. It's going to be tough to open that closet and deal with what's in there. But it's going to be a whole lot tougher not to. It's haunted you. It's shamed you. It's shackled you long enough. Jesus is right there with you to help you open that door, and to once and for all get rid of the awful secret behind it.

Confess in the Bible: 1 John 1:9
When we confess our sins to God, we have His word that He will forgive those sins--there's nothing more we must (or can) do. Forgiveness is just a prayer away.

Confession - a Christian perspective
God wants to hear us confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. When we boldly declare our faith in Jesus and believe in Him, we are granted salvation from our sins.

Guilt in the Bible: Psalm 51:1-4
All of us, without exception, bear the burden of guilt from our sins. This psalm is an eloquent confession to God of our sin, and a plea for God to forgive us and remove our guilt--a plea He gladly answers.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Cleanup Imperative - #4235
It isn't just doctors and nurses that have to be clean for what they do. It's a requirement God makes of anyone He's going to use to do His work on earth - from teaching a class to working in ministry, to raising a family in His ways.

Reconnection and Confession - Into Thy Word Ministries
Session IV of Love and Relationships! Take another look at those two ageless questions of “who are you?” and, “what do you want?”