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Predestined in the Bible: Romans 8:29
This verse suggests that God not only knows how the future will uphold, but that He actively chooses people to be His servants. This is one of several verses from which the doctrine of predestination is drawn.

"Transformed" in the Bible: Romans 12:1-2
The goal of a Christian is to be transformed slowly to better reflect God's grace to the world. This passage cautions us not to try to "fit in" with the world around us, but to seek conformity with God instead.

Conform - a Christian perspective
When we were controlled by sin, we were conformed to its evil desires and wicked ways. But as children of Christ, we are to conform ourselves to him, not to our base impulses or the sinful society around us.

"World" in the Bible: Romans 12:2
When we follow Christ, we have chosen to embrace a set of values and a reason for living that are radically different from the world around us. We are called to no longer seek to "fit in" with our culture's values, but to conform ourselves to Christ.