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New Year...New Management - #6800
The realization that I was never meant to drive my life; that's the first step to beginning a love relationship with God; the very relationship you were made for. And when you admit that and you realize that the mess of our life, the guilt of our life, the shame of our life, the hurt that we've inflicted is because we've taken our life and done it our way instead of His way. You are ready at that point to say, "I need a Savior. I need a Rescuer from this sin."


Tossed in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When we mature in the faith, we gain confidence and knowledge that prevents us from being "tossed about" by doubt and false religious claims. We should all work toward a maturity that anchors us to God.


Confused - a Christian perspective
In response to mankind's hubris in building the Tower of Babel, God confused human languages, forcing people to spread out in different groups across the world.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Prince Caspian - The High Cost of Being Afraid - #8014
That's how sometimes I have missed what God had for me and maybe how you have; I've listened to my fears. You focus on what you have to lose or who you have to lose; on all the "mights" and all the "coulds" and all the "what ifs."


As God created us, we all have to some degree the power to imagine. That imagination is of great value in the service of God may be denied by some persons who have erroneously confused the word "imagination" with the word "imaginary...