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Living the Surrendered Life
Nancy walks line by line through the hymn, "Take My Life." Personalize this wonderful text as your prayer to be fully consecrated to Christ.


Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 8): Before We Conquer
Nancy explores the life of Joshua to show us the importance of consecrating our hearts and lives for God. When we do get ready for God’s blessing and step out in faith, we’ll see just as the Israelites did that He can and will do more than we ask or imagine.

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Preparation in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God tells Joshua to tell the people to consecrate themselves in preparation for a coming battle. He says that they will not win unless they excise that which is devoted from them.


Consecration in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Under the direction of king Hezekiah, the priests purified and consecrated the temple of the Lord, clearing out everything that was ritually unclean.