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True Woman Blog: Why it should be more than scratch paper for your grocery list
Whether you realize it or not, you’re basing your life on some creed or set of beliefs. The way you pick up those toys or respond to those emails or eat reflects what you believe.


True Woman Manifesto
If you see biblical womanhood as a gift from God, and agree with this True Woman Manifesto, sign it at TrueWoman.com and join thousands of other women in believing God for a grassroots movement of revival and biblical womanhood!


The Manhattan Declaration
What do you think of the Manhattan Declaration? Do you think it’s useful for Christians to sign?


Pirmin (flourished ca. 724) : Christian History Institute
Pirmin, founder of monasteries in central Europe, recorded for the west the first full text of the Apostles' Creed.


A Faith of Practical Action, Brooks
And then the third quality of a creed that a man may keep up to the end is that it is a creed capable of being turned into action. A mere speculation, however true it be, I think you never can be sure that the mind will hold.