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InterVarsity Press Quiet Time Bible Study
A new quiet time study updated everyday from InterVarsity Press. The study includes a portion of scripture, a time of discovery and a time of application. Come back everyday for a new study.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Your Attitude and Your Altitude - #4238
Every pilot knows if your attitude is incorrect, there will be tragic results. Every person knows that - or at least we should. If your attitude is right, you can make it through almost anything. If your attitude is wrong, you're going to start losing altitude, tumbling, and eventually crashing. In life, we usually don't get to choose our circumstances, the kind of stuff we have to fly through. A lot of that is determined by forces or people beyond our control. But we can choose our attitude. And it will be our attitude, not our circumstances, that determine whether we stay up or go down.