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A Hole in the Dam, Trouble Downstream - #6451
My time with Jesus in His Word? It can't be optional. No, it's got to be non-negotiable, because a hole in the dam can do so much damage downstream.


The Hour Before the Sunrise - #6056
God uses the long dark night to accomplish some important spiritual changes. He wants us to have those times when no human answers, no human consolation, no human heroes; no human efforts can change things. He's bringing you to the end of what you can do; the end of anything you can even think of doing. Because that's the beginning of the things only God can do. First, He has to get us out of the way.


Light and Dark in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul tells the Cortinthians that Jesus will expose everything that has been hidden in the dark to the light. He will draw out the motives of our hearts.


Dark - a Christian perspective
The dark refers to our secret places. Jesus tells us that even those things we said in the dark will one day be proclaimed from the rooftops.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Night Lights that Know When to Shine - #3846
It's nice to have a light that turns on when it gets dark - especially if that light is a person. Because when you're going through a dark time, you really need someone who brings some light into your life. Sort of a human night light. Which I hope you are. Which someone you know probably really needs right now.


Getting Used to the Dark, Vance Havner
This sermon shows how many Christians are getting used to the apostasy and declension in Christianity in our day. Havner calls us afresh to see the situation how God sees it and to act as light's in a perverse and wicke


Dead and dark seasons
All Christians, even the most eminent servants of God, have their dead and dark seasons--when the life of God seems sunk to so low an ebb as to be hardly visible--so hidden is the stream by the mud-banks of their fallen nature.