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Today's devotional: God rescues us from despair
Bad news is everywhere. Even people who follow news and politics religiously (like me)...

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3 Bible Studies on Old Testament Characters
Many people try to avoid the Old Testament, maybe unintentionally, feeling that the New Testament is more applicable and relevant to our modern lives.  Paul’s teaching on the fruit of the Spirit is much easier to apply to life than David refusing to kill Saul and cutting only a corner of his cloak.  We can […]

What was Old Testament music really like?
When the Bible speaks of King David singing with his harp, or of Temple worship, what did it sound like. Probably not so different to today's synagogue cantors, minus the modern instruments and amplifiers. Listen to them here.

Psalms LifeGuide Bible Study
The Psalms show you how to relate to God as you pray your doubt, fears and anger. They show you how to respond to God in praise. Here you find the best place to explore who you are and what God means to you.

David LifeGuide Bible Study
In this study guide, Jack Kuhatschek introduces you to David the servant and the leader, the sinner and the redeemed, the man and the instrument of God's creative purposes. As you explore David's tumultous story, you too will discover what it means to have a passionate heart for God.

How Important are Friendships to You?
How important are friendships to you? Would you ever make a covenant like David and Jonathan?

4-D Glasses - #2501
You're not looking at just your circumstances, you're looking for your Lord at work, in your phone call, in an accident that was avoided, in a word of encouragement, there's the Lord in that little child, there He is speaking through that powerful storm, in the geese going by overhead, through some unanticipated help in your life. You find yourself thanking God often throughout the day, and you lose the complaining.

David Danced in the Bible - a Christian perspective
When David entered the city with the Ark of the LORD in tow he went before it dancing and singing. David danced with all of his might wearing a linen ephod.

David's heart - a Christian perspective
David is described as a man after God's own heart--unlike his predecessor king Saul, David was committed to doing God's will.

Bathsheba in the Bible: 2 Samuel 11:1-27
The Bathsheba incident is a black mark against David, an otherwise righteous ruler. Despite his devotion to God, David committed two terrible sins: adultery and murder. God forgave Him, but David still had to live with the consequences of his sin.

God's own heart - a Christian perspective
King Saul did not obey God as he should have. As a result, God found a new leader to take his place--somebody with a heart patterned after God's own. That ruler was the famous king David.