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True Woman: LIVE From Fort Worth: Deborah’s Convicting Biographical Sketch
If I were Deborah, and were writing my own bio, I’d want people to know that I was a prophetess, a warrior, a strategist, a leader. But Deborah wasn’t motivated by recognition or fame.


Women of the Bible - a Christian perspective
Deborah is famous for her role in leading Israel during the time of the judges. In a patriarchal society, it was extremely noteworthy that God used her to lead Israel out of danger.


Deborah in the Bible: Judges 4:1-24
God has a way of acting in unexpected ways through unlikely people. In this case, in the male-dominated society of the Old Testament, God used the prophetess Deborah to bring about victory over the Israelites' Canaanite oppressor.


Barak in the Bible: Judges 4:1-24
Deborah, the then leader of Israel, told Barak that he was to go out and destroy Sisera leader of Jabin's army. He told her that he would only go if she went, and because of this the honor of killing Sisera was handed over to a woman, Jael.


When Men Don't Lead: A Look at the Life of Deborah
What are women to do when men are reluctant to lead? The biblical story of Deborah from the Book of Judges gives us a model to follow. You’ll be encouraged by this story of a woman who exerted strong influence in a way that encouraged the men around her to be what God called them to be. This series is sure to spark discussion, as Nancy addresses the modern day feminist movement and calls women to a radically different way of thinking and living.

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