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The Problem With Panic - #6758
Those seniors who panic over singleness often get the wrong person. In their rush, they often make a life-long mistake. When they think time's running out, God is right on schedule. Remember, if you panic, you can make a life-long mistake.

Three Words On Your Bill - #6747
A man I know stamped three incredible words on a huge debt, and Jesus wants to stamp those words on your bill with God: "Paid In Full." You don't ever have to carry the weight of your sin again, because Jesus said, "It is finished!"

Answers That Aren't Answers - #6698
The battle's going to be lost if you don't have the blessing of God on it. See, it isn't your effort that matters. It isn't the size of the answer that you have. If you are employing a solution that God can't bless, you can't win.

Surety - a Christian perspective
If our words or promises have gotten us into trouble with somebody, this passage encourages us to go directly to them and humbly explain ourselves, asking to be freed of whatever debt we've incurred.

Owe no man - a Christian perspective
Christians are encouraged to settle any old debts. The only thing Christians should "owe" to each other is love; anything else is just a distraction and potential source of strife.

Debtor in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this short parable, Jesus suggests that those who are saved from the deepest sin will prove to be the most loving servants of God. After all, a man forgiven a large debt will be more grateful than one forgiven a small one.

Guilt in the Bible: Psalm 51:1-4
All of us, without exception, bear the burden of guilt from our sins. This psalm is an eloquent confession to God of our sin, and a plea for God to forgive us and remove our guilt--a plea He gladly answers.

Debt in the Bible: Matthew 18:21-35
This parable tells the story of a man whose debt was forgiven by his creditor... who refused to pass that same mercy along to somebody who owned him money. Refusal to forgive others when God has forgiven us amounts to a rejection of God's grace.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Foreclosed Lives - #9179 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
...that story was a bright light in this dark economic landscape. And it actually touched me on a deeper level. It brought back the unspeakably loving thing that Jesus Christ did for me and for so many I care about.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Wall Street Roller Coaster
"The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want." That's solid stuff. Because if your trust is in the God of the universe to ultimately take care of you, you're hanging onto something - actually Someone - who can't be touched by a recession, a depression, a divorce, even death.