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Today's Devotional: Making a Decision
When was the last time you struggled with a major life decision? The Bible is clear in...

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The Bottom Line Question - #6354
Here's the scene: Your hand is tightly closed, and His hand is open saying, "Trust Me with it." Aren't you tired of this battle? Trade in the struggle of resisting Christ for the peace of trusting Christ. Your hands are too shaky to hold something that important.

How to Hold Your Child - #6183
Keep reminding your children of the awesome person God made when He made them. You keep setting reasonable boundaries with reasonable penalties, and you be consistent with them. You keep listening to their heart. And you keep giving them back to God, and stop trying to be "God" in their life. Only He can be that.

The Waves You're Making - #6140
Before you go speeding into what you may be considering, would you think about it and consider the waves that your life is making? Make the choices that will cause those who follow you to bless your memory and the God that you helped them find across those years.

Only One Choice - #6137
Life is so much less confusing when you've already decided your bottom line - "I will always do what's right...I will always do what God can honor." "Offer right sacrifices"...then, "trust in the Lord." Before you run each day's race, let God hand you His note that says, "He that honors Me I will honor" (1 Samuel 2:30).

The Infallible Umpire - #6087
Those who don't spend regular time in the Word of God are unlikely to recognize the will of God. As are those who come seeking God's direction, full of their own will. Many have missed God's best because they tried to manipulate God or His Word so that their will would be God's will. It does not work that way.

The Unprepared Nightmare - #5768
For you, for me, there will come a day when God will say, "This very night, this very day your life will be demanded from you." Only He knows when your appointment with Him is. And it can't be rescheduled, it can't be cancelled, or it can't be postponed.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Blinded From the Heavenly Light
Are you consumed with all kinds of earth stuff and blinded from what matters most? Many times we are blinded by the lights of making money, having fun, important relationships, busy schedules, even religious activity. ... We're blinded from heavenly light.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Dog Walking - #4536
Caleb wouldn't let anything lose his Master's lead - not years in the wilderness, not hardship, not giants, not waiting a long time for what God had promised, not being nearly the only one standing up for what was right. He just said, "I'll follow my Lord. I'll follow my Lord, no matter where this takes me." You've just got to find out where Jesus is going and go with Him there.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Paralysis of Analysis - #4217
There are a lot of folks who have a little bit of Tevye in them - always analyzing, often not reaching any conclusion. I'm a data-based decision maker, and I like to weigh all the information I can before making a decision or a commitment. And that's a good thing. Until it paralyzes you. Until it keeps you from exercising the one thing the Bible says you have to have to please God - faith.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The View From Down Below - #5634
When your view is under the clouds, under the weather, everything looks dark and dismal. If you didn't know better, you could assume that the sun was gone. But the view from higher up tells the real story - that the sun is still shining and the clouds aren't nearly as big a deal.