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The Leading of a Lifetime - #6269
Before you look ahead, look back at God's pattern in your life. His will is the natural next step of following Him daily up until now. He's leading you in a straight line. So, don't just grab the impulse of a moment. Look for the leading of a lifetime.


"Desires of your heart" in the Bible: Psalm 37:3-6
The key to happiness is simply trusting in God. He knows what we most need, and will provide it when we surrender our lives to Him.


Delight in the Bible: Psalm 37:1-40
What's the only way to find safety from our enemies and fulfill the desires of our heart? This psalm encourages us to simply learn to delight in the Lord, and He'll protect us and take care of our needs.


Desire in the Bible: Psalm 37:4
A recurring theme in the Bible is that if we put our total trust and focus on God, He will provide us with everything else we need in life. Here, we are told that the desires of our heart will be given to when we learn to delight in God.