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Today's Devotional: Faithfully Waiting
Have you ever been in a situation with no good resolution, feeling like God had abandoned you?...

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Save me in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Joel writes that all who call on the LORD on His day will be saved and delivered.

Stand still in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Moses tells the people in Exodus to stand still and firm and to see the deliverance that the Lord is bringing. Moses tells them that they will never again see the Egyptians that have enslaved them.

Deliverance in the Bible: Philippians 1:18-20
Paul can persevere through the various challenges facing his ministry because trusts that God will work everything that happens, good and bad, to his ultimate benefit, or "deliverence."

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Rescue Insurance - #5655
If you're down in enemy territory, there is no rescue beyond the power of your Savior, whether the rescue is emotional, or medical, or financial, reputational, relational, or even from your own mistakes. In one way or another, your Savior will pull you out. There's no need to run, no need to panic, no need to surrender, no need to be depressed. You have a Savior who is committed to rescuing those He loves.

Smith Wigglesworth : Deliverance to the Captives
Our precious Lord Jesus has everything for everybody. Forgiveness of sin, healing of diseases and the fullness of the Spirit all come from one source from the Lord Jesus Christ. Hear Him who is the same yesterday, today and forever as He announces the purpose for which He came...