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Faucet Fascination - #6449
Step up to a wonderful new security, one that can peacefully accept the loss of any "faucet" in your life. Because it was only a means that God came through.


The Detour is the Main Road - #6381
God will often take you on a sudden detour from your course so you can see Him better. For a spirit-led follower of Christ, there is destiny in each detour. Something God wants to do in your life that can only be done by slowing you down, stopping your relentless forward progress.


Saturated But Not Strong - #6363
You know, maybe it's time now for us to see that our roots need to be growing, not just our leaves. Do you know some things about the Lord that you didn't know a month ago? Have you given Him some new ground that He didn't have a month ago? Are you praying in fresh, new ways? Are you going by the book and not by your feelings?


Faucet Fascination - #2900
God is your Reservoir - and He never dries up. So don't sweat the faucet. Your Father has lots of ways to see that you have what you need.


Desert - a Christian perspective
The psalmist compares his soul to a desert wasteland--parched and in desperate need of spiritual renewal.


Wilderness in the Bible: Isaiah 43:19
God promises to spiritually renew even the most parched spirit, using the metaphor of a desert wilderness which He floods with life-giving water.


The Devil in the Bible: Matthew 4:1-11
This story, in which the devil takes Jesus out to the desert to tempt him with offers of power and safety, gives us a lot of insight into the character of Jesus' adversary. He makes vast promises in exchange for worship, but simple Scripture has the power to keep him at bay.


Forty years in the Bible - a Christian perspective
After their escape from slavery in Egypt, the Israelites wandered through the desert for 40 years before they finally reached Canaan, the "Promised Land."


Finding God In The Desert
Learn how God can use the desert experiences to build endurance in your life.