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When You Feel Like Giving Up - #6216
Fix the leaks that could sink you, focus on the Lord who brought you this far, and fight for the lives that need for you to finish what you've started. Jesus didn't bring you this far so you could quit. He's counting on you, not to just start this race, but to finish your race as He did for you.


"Do not be afraid" in the Bible: Joshua 1:9
After Moses' death, Joshua was scared and intimidated by the weight of responsibility he had assumed as Moses' successor. God spoke to Him and assured him that there was no need to be afraid, since God was with Him.


Lose heart - a Christian perspective
Why shouldn't a Christian lose heart when faced with life's trials and challenges? Because we know that the suffering we experience now is insignificant when compared to the glorious future God has prepared for us in His kingdom.


The Bumpy Road to a Beautiful Place - #5804
The bumps can make you wonder if you're even on the right road. Which you are, if God led you on it. The long, hard ride can leave you confused and hurting from all the bumps, all focused on yourself. If you're not careful, you'll turn around and leave the road God put you on; the road that ultimately leads to the Promised Land that He wants to give you.


Discouragement - a Christian perspective
When Jesus sent his disciples out he told them that if they were discouraged or found discouragement in a town that they should shake the dust off their feet and move on.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When 'Charge!' Beats 'Retreat' - #5683
Well, maybe right now you're facing a big risk, or a big job, or a big setback, or a big threat, and everything in you and around you is signaling, "Retreat!" Your fears are great, you're feeling discouraged. Remember, God's ancient people made their biggest mistake turning away from the Promised Land because they were afraid and they got discouraged. You'll probably miss God's best if your eyes are on the circumstances or your feelings.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Defying the Vultures - #4435
You may be in a situation where you're pretty battered right now - physically, emotionally, spiritually, maybe financially, romantically. You're tired, depleted, maybe it looks like you're without hope, sort of like you're dead. Maybe you've even got some vultures circling you, telling you it's over. It's time to defy the vultures!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When You're Tired of Climbing - #3847
It could be that you're climbing a pretty steep slope right now. It's been a long climb - and as you look ahead, you've still got a long way to go - maybe spiritually, maybe emotionally, maybe in getting through a time of great pain or need - maybe in working through some family problems. And right now you're battling some discouragement, some feelings of giving up, some deep weariness. You're discouraged by how much is left to do - the amount of ground you still have to cover. And it may be bringing you to standstill.