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Trusting God Discussion Guide: Jerry Bridges
Trusting God Discussion Guide Even When Life Hurts Can We Trust God? Adversity at different times in our lives. It comes in many forms - sudden pain, traumatic experiences, devastating losses - and we seldom understand what?s happening at the time.


small groups: Introducing Youself to Parents
This is an example letter that I sent out to parents of my 7th grade small group to introduce myself as their leader and invite their input. Adapt and use.


Discussion Groups: Get-to-Know-You Game
A good game that you can adapt and use to help students in your small group get to know each other. Each student gets a copy and a pencil.


Small Groups: How to Shepherd Your Group
A short article to help people leading small groups to shepherd their group with a shepherding notebook.


Small Groups: How to Lead One for Youth
A "talk-back" group is a 20-minute small group meeting following a big group worship and teaching time. Purposes: shepherding, connecting and applying the message. This paper is handed out and taught to the leaders when they first come on board.