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Today's Devotional: Are you distracted?
This morning I've been distracted by all sorts of things: miscellaneous emails, my cell phone...

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Panic in Hell - #6717
the Devil is luring you, he's desperately doing whatever it takes to pull you away from Jesus; to get your focus somewhere else. But if you fight back in Jesus' name, there'll be even more panic in hell.

Devotional : Obsessed with Distraction
We live in an amazing technological age. From anywhere and at anytime, I can read the news, watch a movie and check my email. We're more entertained, informed and productive than we have ever been. But what effect is this having on our relationship with God?

Devotion - a Christian perspective
Christ-followers are called to devote their undivided attention to Jesus in all things. They are to be living models of total devotion to God.