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Boundaries for the Holidays
Discover 3 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays and Keep Your Family From Driving You Crazy   Gain immediate access to our FREE eBook, Boundaries for the Holidays, written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, co-authors of the bestselling book, Boundaries. This resource is filled with advice and answers to help you overcome relationship issues […]

Things to Be Thankful For
Ann Landers shares a letter she received, giving thanks for things you wouldn't normally be grateful for. This fresh perspective will make you smile and will give you plenty of reasons to give thanks.

The Attractive Christian Woman
A heart of modesty and self-control will bring joy and peace in your life--and will make the gospel believable to unbelievers.

Resolutions for Godly Living
Jonathan Edwards—a brilliant theologian and one of the leaders of the First Great Awakening in the 18th Century—understood the importance of being purposeful in his spiritual life. Here are 70 resolutions he wrote before he was twenty years old.

Portrait of a Woman Used by God (Study Outline)
Do you want to live a life of significance? Let Mary of Nazareth teach you how. Review these questions as they are, or respond to them as you listen to Nancy's message titled "Portrait of a Woman Used by God."

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Nancy provides five questions to ask as you evaluate your wardrobe, seven choices to make, and six blessings you will experience as a result of choosing to dress modestly. (Taken from Nancy Leigh DeMoss' booklet, "The Look: Does God Really Care What I Wear?")

31 Days of Praying for Your Pastor
Pastors cannot win the battle alone; they need committed intercessors to lift them in fervent, specific prayer. Imagine how the power of God might be released in our churches if we were to pray faithfully for our pastors.

25 of Nancy's Favorite Hymns
"Next to reading the Bible, singing—to and about the Lord-has probably been the activity that has produced the greatest encouragement in my Christian walk." (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Top books for church leaders, christian ministers and pastors including free e-books
The books in this section cover different aspects of church ministry, and are highly recommended. Includes free downloadable e-books.

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