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When Swimming Can't Help - #3018
All that any religion can offer you is a book of swimming instructions - their way to swim to God. But it doesn't matter if they're Protestant swimming instructions or Catholic swimming instructions or Jewish or Moslem or Buddhist or New Age. Swimming instructions won't rescue a drowning man or woman. Only the Savior can do that. And only Jesus did the dying it requires to get rid of your sin and get you into a relationship with your Creator.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - High Water Rescues - #8033
I’ve never been in a physical flood, but I know what it is to feel like I’m going under. Like when we lost our first baby, when we were drowning financially, when I thought my wife wasn’t going to make it. For me, the only way out was up. And I had to admit there was nothing I could do to rescue myself. I had to grab Jesus like He was my only hope.