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How to Live in a Stew Without Having the Beef - #6688
Why do we let there be walls where there should be bridges? Now, you can be what God delights in - a bring-us-together person. Are you one of those? Emphasize what unites us as followers of Christ, not what divides us.


Edification - a Christian perspective
Paul makes a distinction between speaking in tongues and prophesy in 1 Corinthians. He says that speaking in tongues is between a person and God, whereas prophecy is between man and people. Both are gifts from God, but only prophecy is considered edification for the rest of the body.


Andrew Bonar : Letters: Mrs. Milne on the death of her father
I write because it might be some variety to you in your sojourn at Hastings, something like a visit. We felt for you in your bereavement, for a father is altogether peculiar, so peculiar that you know the Lord represents our nearest access to Himself by saying it is our being...