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How do you distinguish between godly anger and sinful anger?
Anger is everywhere these days—people are angry about politics, about theological...

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True Woman: My hormones have me in a tailspin!
I have all the tell tale signs of a hormonal overload. My skin has betrayed me. There isn’t enough chocolate in Hershey to satisfy my cravings. Worst of all, my emotions seem to have stamped their ticket for a roller coaster ride where there are no exits.

True Woman: I Need to Vent
Do you ever feel like if you don’t talk about your frustrations, you just might explode?

True Woman: MISTER KITTY!!
Short of moving to a planet with no kitties, people, or other irritations, what’s to be done about this anger spewing out of us

True Woman: LIVE From Indy: Unpredictable Emotions
Thanks for voting! The most votes went to Stacey Smith’s workshop, “Unpredictable Emotions” and Bob Lepine’s workshop, “Food, Beauty, and Control—Three Snares Women Face.” (How did you ladies know I needed to attend these workshops?!)

How do you distinguish between godly anger and sinful anger?
How do we make sense of the powerful emotion of anger in our lives? How do you tell the difference between anger that is godly, and anger that is sinful and destructive?

Emotions - a Christian perspective
Paul recognizes in 1 Corinthians that some people's emotions might get the better of them. He says that it is better for people to marry than to burn with passionate emotions and have no release.

Healing from Bitterness: An Interview with Yvonne Welch
Nancy and Holly Elliff talk with Yvonne Welch, a mother of four children who was rushed to the hospital because of Acute Chronic Exhaustion. Discover the root cause of her exhaustion, and hear about her only "way of escape"--the Word of God.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Sad Side of Superman - #3806
There's a Superman Syndrome that most males grow up with. Not that he has to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But if you're a modern male, you've often been made to feel that you should show no pain, no weakness, no tears, no tenderness, no deep feelings. You're always playing a Superman role that says, "I'm fine. I can handle it. I've got everything under control." Then one day all the feelings you've suppressed or denied explode.