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I'll Become What You Call Me - #6728
Tell the people around you what they could be with the strengths that are there, even if you only see a little bit of it. Because by naming it, you can nurture it.

Turning Hopeless to Hope - #6610
It's Jesus and Jesus alone who can make the worst things that ever happened to you a door to hope for a lot of other broken people. I know. I've seen it with my own eyes.

You Win, I Win - #6478
Be like your Master. Enable someone else to be a winner. Look at the people close to you and quit trying to beat them, or use them, or to control them. Look at them and say, "Hey, if you win, I win."

Waiting for the Temperature to Change - #6311
Truth plus pressure equals life closed. I think it's hardest in parenting. You know you correct, or rebuke, or you encourage your child - nothing happens. They don't seem to be getting it. And out of fear we start to push, and nag, and attack. Like a good farmer, pray for patience and allow the truth seed time to win. It's amazing what a little space can do.

When You're Tired of Climbing - #6107
If you focus on how far you've got to go, you'll be discouraged. But you need to look back at where you were before you started climbing - way down at the bottom of that mountain, looking at climbing the whole thing. Look at how far you've come! Look at how far Jesus has brought you! The same Lord who brought you from the bottom to this point will take you the rest of the way!

Level Ground - #5808
The culture of money and power and fashion and social groupings is supposed to stop at the door of the Church of Jesus Christ. I hope it does at yours. None of that stuff matters to Jesus. The world has its "power elite" and its "insiders and outsiders." Don't let that cancer infect your church.

While the Window's Open - #5767
When your child is ready to talk, you had better drop everything and listen then. The window won't be open for long. When your child is ready to be affectionate, you have got nothing more important to do than respond. When your son or daughter has time to be with you, you had better have time to be with them. The same applies to your mate, your parents, others that you love.

Warn in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The Christian faith is a communal faith--it is most fully exhibited in a community of believers. Here, we're charged with always helping out others--encouraging those who need it, warning those who are edging toward sin, and helping everyone as their need requires.

"Encourage" in the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 5:10-11
Jesus died for everyone and that means we'll someday live together with him. Because of that, we are admonished to build each other up and encourage one another.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Hurt Too Big to Handle - #8128
Their daughter had been counting down to her wedding when it happened. The day before, she had journaled about how her life had been pretty easy so far, and she didn’t know how she could handle something terrible happening. Well, the next day it did and she said, “His grace really is sufficient.” ... You know, it really is. That’s why tragedy or the fear of one doesn’t have to take you on a massive detour from a life that matters.