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The end of the world, Mayan Calendar, apocalpyse & the Bible
From a historical perspective, 'Christian' attempts to pinpoint the date of Jesus' return have always made us look bizarre and ridiculous, not least the supposed 'predictions' of 2011.


Do you expect the Second Coming in your lifetime?
Few topics within the Christian faith have inspired as much speculation and literature as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ—the promised day in which he will return, as was promised thousands of year ago. Do you think it will happen within your lifetime?


End of the world - a Christian perspective
John's account of the end times is certainly terrifying, and often when we think of the end of the world we only concern ourselves with the scary bits. However, it's important to remember that at the true end of it all, God restores his kingdom and the separation between heaven and earth fades away. He's bringing about a new creation, and all are asked to be a part of it.