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True Woman Blog: Has Life Stolen Your Dance?
Not only is this birthday a reminder that I’m no spring chicken, it also has me wondering where the dancing has gone. Life has a way of taking the dance right out of our hearts. Age seems to inevitably usher stress, sadness, fear, and anxiety into our lives and those carefree days of baby bouncing fade quickly away.


True Woman Blog: Erin on “Voices”: A Momma After God’s Own Heart
Motherhood gives us feelings of fuzzy blankets and baby rattles and toys to line the crib. But motherhood is actually one of God’s refining fires. The reality of motherhood is that it’s a place to learn surrender, letting go, trusting, and believing that God is God.


True Woman Blog: The War of Learning Self-Control
My two year old is a very good boy most of the time, but there are times when he is downright carnal. And if given the opportunity to choose between what’s best for him and what isn’t, he usually picks option b.


True Woman Blog: Do All Men Cheat?
Sometimes I think we see ourselves as more spiritual than our male counterparts. The Truth is the Holy Spirit lives in men who know Jesus as vibrantly as it lives in our own hearts. Men aren’t given an extra dose of the sin nature any more than we have been given an extra helping of self-control.


True Woman Blog: On Walking and Praying
If you at all enjoy praying or walking, can I encourage you to listen to this really practical conversation? Or, if you're feeling rather stymied in your prayer life . . . Either way, I think you'll catch a bit of Christ’s heart for the world as you listen to Erin Davis.


True Woman Blog: Beware the Husband Basher
Harmless comments, right? After all, don’t two girlfriends deserve the right to vent? I no longer think so . . .


Revive Our Hearts: Graffiti with Erin Davis
Young women face so many pressures to fit the world’s definition of beauty. That definition is unattainable, and many women turn to destructive behaviors in the pursuit. Learn how to find your real value, as Nancy and Erin Davis explore true beauty.

http://reviveourhearts.com/topics/series.php?series=319&topic_name=Biblical Womanhood