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Religious attitudes to Christian faith in Australia and Europe
Australia is probably similar in religious attitudes to most European countries, and Canada. Check the detailed infographic below of Australian views. There are similar figures available for Europe from the Eurobarometer and Gallup Polls – unfortunately these do not measure animosity/hostility as such, though this may overlap considerably with the percent of non-theists in their research results.


United Bible Societies in Europe and the Middle East
A list of United Bible Societies organizations in Europe and the Middle East area.


What does Europe believe? Christian look at Eurobarometer Poll results
Having just got back from a web evangelism conference in Lithuania, I thought I'd look up some stats for beliefs in that country, and found this remarkable table of Eurobarometer Poll results for the whole of Europe.


Biblica Europe
Once the seat of Christianity in the Western world, Europe now finds itself thoroughly postmodern and post-Christian. For Biblica Europe, the mission is clear: Reinsert God's Word into European society in a way that engages people and changes their lives forever.


The Ethnicity of English Churchgoers
A look at how ethnic churches in the United Kingdom have grown over the last few years


LWP - Getting Ready to Receive? German Churches and the New Mission from the South
A look at missionary migrant churches in Germany.


LWP - African-led Christianity in Europe: Migration and Diaspora Evangelism
In African hands, mission and evangelization have truly gone international, and African diaspora Christianity is at the forefront of the new initiatives.


LWP - Migration, Diaspora Communities, the New Missionary Encounter with Western Society
In the same way that European migrations from Christianity’s old heartland provided the impetus for the European missionary movement, phenomenal migrations from Christianity’s new heartlands have galvanized a massive non-Western missionary movement.


LWP - Mission among Young People in “Secular” Europe
If we are to reach Europe’s youth, we need to cultivate and encourage "missional imagination" in leaders.


LWP - Evangelism and Leadership Development among Young People in Europe
Principles for evangelism among young people in Europe and principles for leadership development in young Christians in Europe.