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Oscars and Empty Houses - #6341
Think about these words, "Thirsty again." See, that's the problem with every "well" we go to for satisfaction in life - we inevitably end up "thirsty again." For this woman, every relationship - every guy - had been a well that left her empty inside. But then Jesus said, "Every one who drinks of the water I give him will have in him a well springing up to everlasting life" (John 4:13 ). Wow!


Living a Much Bigger Life - #6217
You'll never have enough love until you have the only love that's everlasting. You'll never feel like your life really has meaning until you're part of something that's everlasting. You'll never be ready for eternity, whenever it comes, until you know for sure that you will have everlasting life in heaven. You can, if you pin all your hopes on Jesus Christ, who took the everlasting death we deserve for our sin.


Everlasting - a Christian perspective
The Lord's mercy is everlasting--it will never fade with time or be broken by our actions.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Spring Flowers of Your Life - #8010
See, we live in a home where my wife's grandparents lived for years. And Grandma planted flowers there over forty years ago. Now, she's been gone for a while, but what she planted is still beautifying our lives. Which makes me ask a question: How much of what I'm doing will beautify people's lives after I'm gone?