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Why does God allow suffering?
Yesterday we looked at the old and important question of the existence of God. But there's one...

Does Belief in God Necessitate Belief in Demons?
Earlier this week I ran across a post on Experimental Theology that discusses different...

What's the best portrayal of good you've seen in a movie or book?
Evil is easy. Not just easy to do, but easy to portray in writing or film. Think about all of the...

Today's devotional: how does the Bible define "justice"?
Justice has been on my mind this morning since I read about the conviction of Khmer Rouge...

Today's Devotional: Letting Bitterness Go
Joseph's life was filled with evil actions that he had no control over. His...

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The Golden Compass: A Hint of Evil
I have received dozens of forwarded emails warning Christians about the upcoming movie, “The Golden Compass.” I can’t help but wonder why this did not happen with Harry Potter.

Matthew 5: 43-48
Loving your Enemies. Jesus once again challenges the Pharisees' misunderstanding of the law, and calls for a hard and necessary stand in response to evil, but doing so with goodness and kindness instead of a desire to get even.

Matthew 5:38-42
Responding to Evil. Jesus calls us to an entirely different perspective and outlook of life. He sees the quintessential reason for life, and our being, is relationships. We see our pursuit of material goods and things as what is important in life, but...

How Can A Good God Permit Evil in the World?
This article seeks to answer one of the most common and troubling questions people have about God. If He is good and all-powerful, why does He permit pain and evil in the world?