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Power Failures - #5758
Here's one reason we experience personal brownouts or blackouts. We're doing some things that God never ask us to do. Or we're doing God's work in our own resources - trying to figure it out or work it out by ourselves. And that's when the demands become greater than our power to meet them, because it's our power; because we've taken on some demands that were never God's idea.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Recipe For Heroes - #4117
When I read Captain Lewis' invitation to Captain Clark, I couldn't help but think how much it reminds me of the much greater invitation that Jesus Christ gives to you and me. It is not an invitation to a party or vacation - it's an invitation to join Him in a bold adventure, filled with "dangers, difficulties, and fatigues." Oh yes, and the "honor and the rewards."


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Right Words, Wrong Heart - #3811
It doesn't take long to learn the right church answers, does it? I mean even a four-year-old boy can do it! And many of us who've been around a lot longer as well. The danger is that you can really fool yourself spiritually, just because you know all the right words, and go to all the right meetings, and do all the right things. Tragically, a full Christian vocabulary can mask a dangerously empty heart.