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Playing Favorites, Playing Fair - #6275
People will measure your fairness and they'll measure your favoritism after you act. We should measure it before we act. What's the ripple effect going to be? How will this be perceived in terms of its justice - its fairness? How will this make everyone else feel beside the person I'm deciding for right now? In Godly governing, there's just no room for playing favorites, because God doesn't.

Respect in the Bible: James 2:1-9
In this passage, James expressly forbids Christians to show favoritism to the wealthy, or to treat anyone differently than anyone else. The command to "love your neighbor" doesn't distinguish between different "types" of neighbor--which means that Christians are called to treat everyone with equal respect and love.

Favoritism in the Bible - a Christian perspective
This verse is simple: God does not show favoritism. He blesses all who strive to do good, both jew and gentile.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Great Splitter-Upper - #5234
Favoritism inevitably leads to conflict; it leads to bitterness, and even to trying to get even and a loss of respect for the leader who is showing that partiality.

James 2: 1-13 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Call to Avoid Favoritism! What are your motivations? Do they line up with God’s precepts? James calls us away from the way we think we should do our daily life and our church and how we should treat people, and into the precepts Jesus gave us.