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Fear of God - a Christian perspective
Proverbs tells us that if we actively seek out wisdom we will one day understand the fear of the LORD and then find the knowledge of God.

Devotional : Almighty God
As Christians, we love and worship God, but do we fear Him? Do we remember that He is all-powerful and sovereign? In this devotional, we look at Isaiah chapter 6, where Isaiah's encounter with God reminds us how mighty He is.

Lausanne World Pulse - Motives for Mission
The mission of the Church may be defined as “what God has sent the Church into the world to do.” This includes both evangelistic and social responsibilities. Many speak of our mission, but what about our motivations for mission?

Matthew 10: 27-33 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The Fear and Awe of God. After Jesus gives the disciples their training and their project of being sent out for the first time, He further encourages and warns them. Just as Proverbs states that the fear of God is the foundation of learning and growing, so Jesus confirms and makes...