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High Water and High Walls - #6444
Two people living for themselves, or even for each other, honestly it just isn't enough to hold back the flood. It takes two people living together for the God who loves them. Praying together often, drawing closer to each other as they draw close to Him. He's a God whose love runs strong when our love runs low. He pours out His inexhaustible, unconditional love, so we then have it to give to the one we've pledged our life to.


Paved-Over Problems - #6209
The things you've tried to bury are like ticking time bombs or toxic waste dumps. The longer you wait to deal with them, the bigger and deeper they will grow. Peace at any price usually means just war postponed...and bigger than it would have been if you had dealt with it sooner.


True Woman Blog: If it feels so right, how can it be wrong?
The drama continues. Only this time, Eve isn’t the main character—you are. Sin is still seductive. The stakes are still high. The consequences are still devastating. The choice is yours. Will you listen to God’s voice?


Feeling - a Christian perspective
Our feelings are rarely very trustworthy. We can feel safe and secure in our wealth and comfort, but God alone knows what's in store for us. Rather than trusting our feelings, we ought to put our faith in God.


Feelings - a Christian perspective
Feelings can be powerful. If we give them full control over our lives we'll end up doing some foolish things. Proverbs tells us the wise person knows how to control their feelings. It's important to note that while we should maintain control over our emotions, that doesn't mean we shouldn't have them.


If it feels good for me isn't it right? - Faith Facts
Are feelings always reliable? Or do they change? Could they also be dangerous? Read further for the need for transcendent moral truth.