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True Woman: Redefining Motherhood
Rizzuto planned to leave her husband and two young sons for a six-month opportunity to do research for a book in Japan, but while there she made the defining choice to leave her family for good. Some are applauding her brave decision to “redefine motherhood,” while others think it is plain selfish.


True Woman: Calling All Men for International Women's Day
The message we are hearing this International Women’s Day is that women will only be equal when they assume the same roles as men. Enforcing “sameness” will uphold woman’s worth and dignity. I beg to differ.


True Woman: Grieving June Cleaver
So what are we to do? Should we start playing “Leave it to Bea ver” re-runs and tell women they’d be happy if they followed June Cleaver’s example? Should we encourage them to start wearing high heels and pearls while vacuuming? Should we run advertising campaigns that glorify the value of ironing, or disparage women who can’t bake cookies from scratch?


True Woman: The Church in a Post-Feminist World: An Interview with Mary Kassian
The implications of the postfeminist era for ministry in the local church are enormous . . .


True Woman: Alpha Women and Beta Boys
While this alpha woman trend is celebrated by those who have swallowed the feminist/egalitarian claim that male-female roles are interchangeable, the reality is that the majority of alpha women are dissatisfied with their breadwinner status. It appears that an alpha woman married to a beta boy puts an unnatural strain on a couple’s marital and sexual relationship.


True Woman Blog: True Woman Videos: "We're all feminists"
"I think that all of us--to one degree or another--are feminists." Learn what Mary Kassian means, and just how feminism affects your life.


True Woman Blog: Mary Daly Dies
According to the obituary, Mary Daly was 81 and died on January 3rd of natural causes at Wachusett Manor nursing home in Gardner, Massachusetts.


True Woman Blog: True Woman Videos: Why purity is such a big deal
Dannah Gresh points out that God isn’t the only one saying purity is important. Feminists realize that if they can dismantle purity in a teen, so many other things can be dismantled: their view of men, children, and more.


True Woman | Where have all the babies gone?
As a result of the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, we've lost over forty million babies as a nation. Four thousand pregnancies per day are ended through abortion. Did you get that? Please allow these numbers to sink in.


True Woman Blog: Curse of the Good Girl
Being good is bad. Being bad is good. That's the message communicated in Rachel Simmons' book The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls with Courage and Confidence.