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The web as a perfect mission field - you can start being an evangelist and missionary from your own home
If we were going to design the perfect mission field, here is what it might look like: 1. It would be filled with millions of unsaved and accessible youth and young adults. 2. It would be a place where people openly, regularly, and publicly share their opinions, thoughts, feelings, concerns, fears, and needs without anyone asking them to. 3. It would be a place where people connect with other people in community, and people like and expect to meet new people...


Field - a Christian perspective
If God cares for the flowers and plants of the field, won't He show proportionally greater love for human beings, the crown of His creation? We are encouraged to trust God to provide for us, just as He provides for nature.


Pearl - a Christian perspective
This parable compares the kingdom of God to a priceless pearl. Upon learning of it, wouldn't you pay whatever price is necessary to obtain it?


FIM Director’s Blog
General Director of Fellowship International Mission, Steve Wilt, blogs on the inner workings of a mission agency and how missions is played out on the field and in the church.