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Punching Someone's Head in the Name of Christ
A week or so ago I caught wind of a New York Times story about the rise of Mixed Martial Arts...

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Taking Your Place on the Front Lines - #6154
The truth is you are somebody's best chance of ever going to heaven, because you're the one with Jesus in their heart who is closest to that person at work or school, your family, your neighborhood. If you don't tell them, chances are they'll never hear what Jesus did for them.

Today's Battles, Yesterday's Weapons - #5874
If we insist on fighting today's battle for the lost with what worked yesterday, we'll keep on reaching who we've already been reaching, while most of the spiritually dying people around us live and die without God and without hope. We can't lose them because we insist on doing what we've always done, sticking to what we're comfortable with. The eternity of people all around us is at stake; this is a battle that is too costly to lose.

The Healing Edge - #5846
God's "more grace than there is sin" equation means that there is no one in your life who is beyond God's grace. So keep praying for them; keep loving them. There is no sin that cannot be prodigal who can't come home. And it is never too late to be forgiven. Just look at the dying thief Jesus forgave on the cross.

Satan-Proofing - #5759
Satan-proofing your life today might mean praying for someone you've had hard feelings toward, asking God to remove your bitterness and replace it with His love. It might mean staying away from negative people who make you negative, from friends who lead you where you should never go, or staying away from the music, or the Internet garbage, or the TV shows that wear you down morally, or turning your fears, or your worries totally over to God so the devil can't use them again to discourage or depress you.

Fighting in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In Exodus we read of Moses breaking up a fight between two Hebrews. This was the day after Moses himself had killed a man and buried him in the sand.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Wounded But Still Fighting - #8118
Now if that man can keep soldiering when he’s lost his sight, what was that I was complaining about? What do I let get me down?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Choosing Your Battles - #4200
Throughout military history, victories have been won because someone knew which battle was worth fighting and which battleground was best to fight on. It might be an important part of whether or not you'll win in some of the battles you're fighting in right now - as a parent, in your work, in keeping people together, or in your church.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Rocky and Rambo Still Fighting - #8015
You know, it does seem like there is this emptiness that follows us in every season of our life. It’s this un-fillable hole in our soul; this like never ending search for what will give us a life that matters.